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Next N2B-patch video interview with Dr. Carmen Gruber-Traub published!

Dr. Carmen Gruber-Traub, the N2B-patch Project Coordinator, is answering questions about her experiences in European research projects and the role of Fraunhofer IGB in N2B-patch. Furthermore she is explaining the difference of the N2B-patch technology concept compared to current MS treatment methods; if N2B-patch can be used for other drugs and what main challenges we are facing within the N2B-patch platform development.

This is one of two videos produced at our Month-24 Consortium Meeting at MJR PharmJet.


You can watch the video in our download section or just visit our N2B-patch youtube channel.


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World MS Day is on 30th May 2019!

The 2019 campaign #MyInvisibleMS is about raising awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and the unseen impact of MS on quality of life.

A lot of organisations all over the world inform about multiple sclerosis and its symptoms.


Find out what's going on in your region!


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3rd N2B-patch video interview with Rolf Pfäffle from Beiter published!

We recently published the third N2B-patch video interview. Rolf Pfäffle from company Beiter explains their role in the project as well as their experiences from the automotive sector, which help to develop our special N2B-patch applicator device.

Please go the download section of our website or watch the videos directly on our youtube channel.

2 more video interviews are already produced and will be published soon.


Stay tuned and subscribe to our N2B-patch youtube channel!


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Video interviews with Project Partners are online now

We have just published our second interview with our Scientific Manager Prof. Dr. Katharina Schindowski.

Within our first interview Martin Pravda from Contipro answers questions about Contipro's role within the project, the hydrogel developed and used within the project as well as beeing the host of the M18 Meeting.

Katharina Zimmermann describes the role of HBC within the project as well as her experiences and advantanges of intranasal nose to brain (N2B) delivery. 


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N2B-patch survey for patients - now available in polish and french!

A key aspect of the success of our proposed N2B-patch solution under development is its strong potential for acceptance by the patient at the first place and by the professionals involved in the treatment. To receive early feedback from these important actors, LGI with support of the EMSP prepared an initial survey that will allow the collection of information from concerned persons.

Completing the survey will not take more than 5-10 minutes and will provide valuable information to the project that will be taken into account in the later stages of our work. The survey is completely anonymous.


Please follow this link to take part in the survey:


English version :

Spanish version:

Czech version: 

Polish version:

French version:


Thank you very much in advance!

Your N2B-patch Consortium


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12.-13.07.2018: Month 18 Consortium Meeting

The N2B-patch consortium at Month-18 Meeting in July 2018 at Contipro in Dolní Dobrouč.

The N2B-patch consortium met for its Month-18 consortium meeting at Contipro in Dolní Dobrouč, Czech Republic. During this 2-day meeting the achievements of the last 6 months were presented and discussed. As the fist project period is over now the consortium is preparing the periodic report at the moment.



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World MS Day 2018 is on 30th May

World MS Day 2018 | #bringinguscloser

The #bringinguscloser campaign is about connecting people affected by MS with those involved in MS research, including scientists, students, nurses, fundraisers, volunteers, and more. It's a chance to come together to celebrate what has been achieved in MS research so far, and share hopes for the future.


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Interview with N2B-patch project Advisor Dr. Matthias Schnabelrauch

N2B-patch project advisor Dr. Matthias Schnabelrauch (INNOVENT e.V. )

Dr. Matthias Schnabelrauch (INNOVENT e.V.) is one of three project advisors for the N2B-patch project.

Within this short interview Dr. Schnabelrauch informed us about his experiences with European research project, how he become involved into N2B-patch, about his role and expertise.



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