N2B-patch consortium with LEGO SeriousPlay at Month 12 Meeting in January 2018 at LGI HQ in Paris.

As part of the N2B-patch project, partner LGI ran an Exploitation workshop on 15 January 2018 during the project progress meeting hosted at the LGI HQ. The goal of the workshop was to enhance discussions on potential impacts and exploitation routes in the course of the project and beyond the development of the drug delivery technology for the chronic treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). During the workshop, the LEGO SeriousPlay method was applied, directed by two LGI`s LEGO SeriousPlay facilitators – Chloe Chavardes and Eva Boo. They put a spin on regular workshops and provided a hands-on way of thinking about the project and easier understanding of the possibilities that the N2B-patch solution brings.

On the second and third day of the project meeting, the partners met up to present the progress made so far and plan for the work that remains to be done.