The overall aim of N2B-patch is the development of a new innovative N2B drug delivery technology based on the synthesis of a biomaterial-based innovative galenic formulation that will be applied with the aid of a novel medical device as a hydrogel patch to the nasal cavity for the treatment of MS.

The galenic formulation will consist of drug loaded biodegradable polymer particles embedded into a biodegradable hydrogel matrix to be deposited as a patch in the nasal cavity.

This novel technology aims to largely enhance the controlled and sustainable delivery of drugs and increase the drug bioavailabilty to the CNS. A biopharmaceutical will be used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Proof of concept studies in animal models of MS have proven the enormous potential of the used API  to promote neurogeneration and remyelination. However, many biopharmaceuticals do not sufficiently cross the BBB.

The sustainable and controlled release of the biopharmaceutical to the CNS will be achieved via the transport of embedded polymer particles to the nasal epithelium, the subsequent release of API and permeation through the nasal mucosa, which is in direct contact with the brain.

The direct transport route from the nasal cavity to the brain, bypassing the BBB, offers an exciting mode of central nervous system (CNS) drug delivery not only for demyelinating disorders but also for other neurological and neurodegenerative CNS indications.

The proposed new innovative N2B drug delivery platform is a practical, safe, and minimally invasive technology. It will be exploited for a biopharmaceutical and has the potential to be implemented with other APIs with a low CNS bioavailability.