Hochschule Biberach, based Germany

The Biberach University of Applied Science (HBC) was founded in 1964 and the faculty for Biotechnology, in 2006. The Faculty of Biotechnology (BT) and the Institute for Applied Biotechnology (IAB) are located at the Campus Aspach in Biberach (Germany). They complete the majors „pharmaceutical biotechnology“ and „industrial biotechnology“ with matching research programs. IAB was founded in 2007.The research and development consist of interdisciplinary processes across the biopharmaceutical value chain and raw material processing using industrial biotechnology: Protein design, process engineering, process optimization, analytic, formulation, QA, also enzymatic and biocatalytical processes in order to obtain renewable resources. Hence, the core competence of the institute is the manufacturing process of biopharmaceuticals as well as products of the industrial biotechnology. The laboratories of IAB represent the whole biotechnological manufacturing process, starting from the establishment of cell lines and microorganisms for fermentation, protein purification and –analytics.