Department of Neurology, Experimental Neurology Center, Neuroimmunology/ Multiple Sclerosis University Hospital Bern, based in Switzerland

The Department of Neurology with its state-of-the art laboratories in the Experimental Neurology Center (ZEN) is the largest neurological department in Switzerland. We are committed to clinical, translational and basic research as the basis for innovation and future development of medicine, and aim to combine clinical practice with basic research in a multidisciplinary fashion. The Neuroimmunology/Multiple sclerosis group merges basic research with translational and clinical/paraclinical approaches. A particular interest lies in the mechanisms of autoimmune inflammatory responses of the central nervous system with a special focus on glial and T-cell biology. The identification of potential molecular and paraclinical/clinical markers for detection of disease progression and the assessment of the benefit-risk profile under immunotherapy also follows a translational approach with biological samples from different clinical studies.