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N2B-patch Scientific Publications

Please have a look at our peer-reviewed open access publications.

Short Communication by Carmen Gruber-Traub* and Jenny Ullrich in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal 1(4)- 2018.
Review article by Vassilis Bourganis, Olga Kammona, Aleck Alexopoulos, Costas Kiparissides in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 128 (2018) 337–362.
Article by Simone Ladel, Johannes Flamm, Arghavan Soleimani Zadeh, Dorothea Filzwieser, Julia-Christina Walter, Patrick Schlossbauer, Ralf Kinscherf, Katharina Lischka, Harald Luksch and Katharina Schindowski in Pharmaceutics 2018, 10, 107. (For size reasons we had to upload a condensed version. The original version can be downloaded from the MDPI website: Link to article)
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